It’s during this time of year, when films jockey for awards positions, I’m reminded of an excellent film that was left off of the Academy Awards Best Picture category last year. And they had room for 10 nominees and only chose eight. That film is Dan Gilroy’s directorial debut NIGHTCRAWLER. Even though it won the Best First Feature and Best Screenplay awards at the Independent Spirit awards, it was only nominated for Best Original Screenplay.

View a short clip from the American Cinematheque Seminar that Marge and I co-produce with Producer/Instructor Thomas Ethan Harris.


Starring Jake Gillenhall in an amazing performance as Louis Bloom, the film examines what society thirsts for in its media content and news today; blood and gossip. With a few exceptions, overall NIGHTCRAWLER received very good reviews. This dark and thought provoking neo-noir thriller follows Lou as a freelance news cameraman, a bottom feeder, a parasite and in reality a predator. “If it bleeds, it leads,” he is told by Rene Russo, a news director. “I want something people can’t turn away from.” And Lou delivers. Director/Writer Dan Gilroy eloquently stated in an interview, “The problem wasn't Lou. The problem is the world… the society that created Lou and rewards Lou." Gilroy’s use of Point of View (POV) is one of the things that sets this film apart; Lou is in some ways a descendent of Scorsese’s anti-hero Travis Bickel from TAXI DRIVER.

Check out this smart, profound thriller about an anti-hero, which like his video, we can’t turn away from.